Enzyte MRC Ingredients

Enzyte MRC is brought to you by the makers of Enzyte, one of the world’s leading supplements for Natural Male Enhancement! The potent natural ingredients in Enzyte MRC are formulated to support healthy testosterone levels by zoning in on targeted areas of concern for men.*

As part of your daily routine, the ingredients in Enzyte MRC may help:

  • Support Healthy Testosterone Levels*
  • Sustain Vascular Function to Support Sexual Response*
  • Maximize Muscle Strength & Bone Health*
  • Boost Energy Levels & Metabolism*
  • Protect Against Stress-Induced Fatigue*
  • Guard Against Age-Related Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies*
Fenugreek Extract
Ancient Egyptian Remedy for Male Performance
Used in ancient times by Egyptians and in traditional Chinese medicine for a plethora of ailments, Enzyte MRC contains a proprietary Fenugreek Seed Extract for sustained vascular function to support a rousing sexual response in men.*
Rhodiola Root Extract
Adaptogen to Guard Against Physical & Mental Stress
Rhodiola is categorized as an “adaptogen” that helps the body adapt to or resist various kinds of physical and mental stress. Rhodiola has been used for centuries to support energy, stamina, strength, and mental capacity. While other ingredients in Enzyte MRC are devoted to boosting natural energy levels, Rhodiola fortifies the body and protect against fatigue caused by stress or overwork.*
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
Powerful Antioxidant Support for Anti-Aging
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) is a powerful antioxidant, derived from the amino acid L-Cysteine. NAC is included in the Enzyte MRC formulation to provide antioxidant support for overall vitality.*
Trace Mineral for Strength & Bone Health
Boron is a trace mineral that plays an important role in bone health and can be found in foods like avocado, pecans, and dried beans. In Enzyte MRC, Boron acts to support bone health and strength.*
Vitamin D
Powerhouse Vitamin to Refuel and Repair
Vitamin D plays several key roles in your body. Most importantly, Vitamin D helps your body absorb the minerals calcium and phosphorous from the food you eat, which is important for maintaining strong bones.*
Vitamin B-6
Supports Healthy Homocysteine Levels for Cardiovascular Health
Vitamin B-6 is required for amino acid metabolism and is also involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. In tandem with the Folate and Vitamin B-12 in Enzyte MRC, Vitamin B-6 benefits the cardiovascular system by protecting against high levels of homocysteine. A healthy cardiovascular system provides insurance towards a healthy sexual life.*
Assists with Nitric Oxide Production for Vascular Health
Folate may help sustain a healthy cardiovascular system through supporting the production of nitric oxide, which functions as a vascular relaxing factor.*
Vitamin B-12
Key Player in Energy Metabolism & Brain and Nervous System Health
Vitamin B-12 has a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, including fatty acid synthesis and energy production. It also provides support to the enzymes involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis. Providing support for healthy homocysteine levels and energy metabolism makes Vitamin B-12 an important part of overall sexual health.*
Essential Element Necessary for Healthy Testosterone Levels
Zinc is a biologically essential trace element that is involved in the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Although Zinc deficiency is rare in the U.S., even a short-term dietary depletion can affect testosterone levels and male sexual health.*
Vital for Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels
Magnesium supports healthy blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure, and is involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Magnesium deficiency becomes more pronounced with age and the magnesium in Enzyte MRC is present to guard against this.*