Frequently Asked Questions about Enzyte MRC*

Q: How do I take Enzyte MRC?
A: Enzyte MRC is taken daily, just like a vitamin. Just take two capsules in the morning, preferably with a meal. Injecting Enzyte MRC into your daily routine can support the stamina, vitality, vigor, and energy you need to stay strong.
Q: Will Enzyte MRC work for me?
A: The quality and potency of Enzyte MRC’s robust natural formula is up to par with what men worldwide have come to trust in Enzyte brands. Natural ingredients work synergistically with your body and affect every man differently. So while no product works for everyone, there’s an excellent chance that Enzyte MRC will work for you!
Q: What are the ingredients in Enzyte MRC?
A: Enzyte MRC is a male refueling complex formulated with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to support healthy testosterone levels by targeting specific areas of concern in men such as vascular function to maintain sexual response, muscle strength, and optimum energy levels.* Enzyte MRC’s potent vitamin, mineral, and botanical formula includes Fenugreek, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Rhodiola Extract.
Q: Do I have to take it daily?
A: Yes – Enzyte MRC is a natural supplement and requires continued use to keep seeing maximum results.
Q: What results will I see after 30 days?
A: You’ll start to feel a difference in stamina and vitality, and in 30 days you’ll know if you’re ready to commit to real, powerful Enzyte MRC results.
Q: Does Enzyte MRC work right away?
A: With Enzyte MRC, you won’t get overnight miracle transformations – just powerful, natural results. When you take Enzyte MRC daily, it gradually works into your system. It’s important to take it every single day, like a multivitamin, to help maintain maximum benefits.*
Q: You sell a variety of male supplements. How are they different?
A: For men’s health, we currently offer Enzyte, Enzyte MRC, and Ogoplex. Each offers distinctly different health benefits; taken together, they deliver a complete panel of vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients to address a variety of men’s health concerns. Here’s a breakdown of what each supplement does so you can see how they differ:
  • Enzyte: Tried and true supplement for Natural Male Enhancement. Enzyte supports the critical blood flow necessary to intensify erection quality for enhanced stamina and sexual performance.*
  • Enzyte MRC: Time can take its toll on your manhood, affecting strength, stamina, vitality, and energy. Enzyte MRC supports healthy testosterone levels to fuel your masculinity!*
  • Ogoplex: Ogoplex helps enhance sexual capacity, enjoy a better sexual experience, and support prostate health to deliver a strong climax.*
Q: Why should I take all of your male supplements together?
A: No single supplement is capable of addressing ALL of your health needs. By combining Enzyte, Enzyte MRC, and Ogoplex, you’re covering all of your bases to make sure you maintain your masculinity, achieve peak Natural Male Enhancement whenever the mood strikes, deliver a stellar performance behind closed doors, and give your body the nutrition it needs to keep going at full speed, day after day.
Q: Is Enzyte MRC recommended by doctors?
A: Enzyte MRC has not yet been provided to doctors with information to recommend it to their patients. However, other Vianda products ARE recommended by doctors and we can assure you that Enzyte MRC meets the same high standards.
Q: Is Enzyte MRC like other low-T products?
A: Enzyte MRC is a natural supplement and DOES NOT contain testosterone. Many prescription testosterone products on the market claim to provide fast results in everything from erection quality and sexual desire to fat loss and muscle mass. However, many prescription options have potential risks and side effects. Enzyte MRC is a potent vitamin, mineral, and botanical formula that addresses male health concerns associated with declining testosterone levels to sustain vascular function for sexual response, maximize muscle strength, support natural energy levels, protect against stress-induced fatigue, and guard against vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Q: Will Enzyte MRC improve my climax and semen production?
A: Enzyte MRC targets a variety of key men’s health concerns like supporting healthy vascular function for sexual response, but it is not designed to improve your climax or affect semen production. We do offer another male product called Ogoplex that goes great with Enzyte MRC – Ogoplex specifically supports prostate health to support a strong, robust climax.